My little, almost antique talisman and Hangar 7

hangar3In case you’ve been wondering what has been going on… loads of work. I’ve been quite busy working in Gmunden and the Hangar 7 the last couple of days. Polishing glasses and cutlery, treating people with awesome food… Sadly there is no time during work to take pictures of the food but they have nicer ones online anyways so check out the current menu and wish you had it…

Everything just looks delish, everything is polished, first class, you have complimentary wine if you choose so, antialcoholic life drinks if you choose so (they look awesome…) everything is just beautiful. I wish I could dine there one day just to taste the food. And if I was a chef I wish I could be a guest chef there one day… that would probably be one of the highlights of my non existant career as a chef, that I am not.

hangar1 hangar2

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Skydive Taupo – fear is only temporary!

It’s throwback Friday and I’ve been going through old stuff on my computer again. What happened? My Skydive stuff wasn’t on there so yup, let’s put it on there and what else? Share it. I watched the video over and over today and I’m pretty sure I look like I was crying out of pure joy. It might have been one of the most incredible things I have done in my whole entire life… just the feeling of being up in the air, flying like a bird, the view over whole of lake Taupo… Awesome!

Picture flood down below…

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Off to Croatia

Since my Working Holiday Visa Application probably didn’t go so well and I’m not allowed to do any more hours at work for the rest of this month (just this week) I’m off to Croatia with my parents. Had a beautiful drive down with mum over the Loiblpass and Trieben, passing the Wörthersee and snow capped mountains at Hohe Tauern Nationalpark. Pretty sweet as. I had to improvise a wee bit considering my NZ plans since I still haven’t won the lottery…

Wörthersee around Klagenfurt in Kärnten, Austria.

Wörthersee around Klagenfurt in Kärnten, Austria.

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Which country would be the most difficult to invade?

Answer by Jon Mixon on Quora:

New Zealand.

Its closest neighbor is Australia, which is 1,340 miles across a pretty turbulent body of water. It has no land neighbors and any nation looking to invade would have to bring all or most of the supplies that it needs with it as the logistics lines would be incredible.

Besides that, both islands are exceptionally mountainous meaning that numerous ambush points can be established that would make land war very  treacherous. Finally capturing both islands and holding them without nearby bases to reinforce your troops there would make any such invasion and occupation extremely costly.

Which country would be the most difficult to invade?

Dublin the very first

As I was flicking through photos I thought, why not share my trips, even though way in the past, with you as well?

Dublin… What shall I say. As soon as I set foot onto this wonderful island called Ireland I fell in love with it – reminded me a whole lot of Scotland. We stayed the 8th of November up to the 10th of November, had a long trip to Dublin from the ‘first class’ Ryan Air airport in Munich-Memmingen. No, it’s not in Munich. It’s about a freaking hour and even more west of Munich. I was working the days before, had my last exam three or two days before the plane took off heading for Ireland. I got back from working at Hangar 7 in Salzburg at 2am in the morning, finished packing, had a shower, took a cab to the train station and off we go to Munich-Memmingen airport. The last week I slept approximately 11 hours all together, if you can even count me waking up endless times… Work work work and studying for my last exam so I could finally finish with my bachelor’s degree. And I did it. I passed. And off we go on an incredible journey, trying to find my centre, getting back to normal, forgetting about all the stress and hassle and setting up a new set of mind. Off to my first stop in Ireland!

Just waiting ages for our plane to take off. What are we gonna do? Enjoy the last Stiegl we will have for the next couple of months!

Airport Munich-Memmingen
Just waiting ages for our plane to take off. What are we gonna do? Enjoy the last Stiegl we will have for the next couple of months!

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